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Working at GYST is more than just working with your clients. You will be part of our team, company culture, and community. We expect all of our employees to participate, engage and bring ideas to the table as we continue to grow. 

GYST requires at least 1 year of in home personal assistant experience. Please detail your experience below working in or out of a client or former employer's home. *

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GYST assistants work with multiple clients in a part-time, ongoing basis.

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GYST services NYC, all 5 boroughs, Westchester County and other points north of NYC, some areas of PA, NJ and Long Island. Are you comfortable commuting on mass transit to all GYST service areas?GYST is available to clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, Greenwich, CT and the Hamptons. Are you comfortable commuting on mass transit to all GYST service areas? *

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